What is EURET?

Euro Linked StableCoin (EURET) is the first stable coin to be listed on the Zurich Crypto Exchange, a platform of LWH FinTech (Swiss) AG ("LWH AG"). It is a virtual currency that linked a cryptocurrency to a legal currency, the Euro. Each EURET is symbolically associated with a government-backed legal tender, a virtual currency that is kept in a foreign exchange reserve account and supported by fiat currency. This method can effectively prevent the price of cryptocurrency from fluctuating greatly. Basically, the value of a EURET is equal to 1 Euro.

EURET is a new digital currency fully mortgaged at a 1:1 ratio to the euro.

The EURET is based on the stable value currency Euro, 1EURET = 1 Euro, and strictly a 1:1 reserve guarantee, that is, for every EURET issued, the bank account will have a guarantee of 1 Euro. Users can use 1:1 for EURET and EUR at any time.

Team Background of EURET

Project team


METEORITE DIGITAL LIMITED was established in the UK. The company is involved in the Internet finance industry, digital asset investment and blockchain technology research and development. It has in-depth research on Internet trade and digital economy. The company has been optimistic about the prospects of digital currency and firmly believes that “digital currency is the future” and established a strong blockchain technology R&D team. And reached a strategic partnership with LWH Consulting Group.

Distribution platform

The Zurich Crypto Exchange

“The Zurich Crypto Exchange” is an online platform which accepts exchange of all major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other different majority asset-backed crypto currencies at ease. Our trading accounts is extremely liquid and we provide various order types which you can make profit through different situations. The trading bots are automated and runs in the cloud storage system. Therefore, you can easily pick trading bots for aggressive short-term benefits. Alternatively, you can choose trading bots which focuses on conservative investing goals which are long term. Our platform supports major bitcoin exchanges without requiring any technical knowledge.

The Zurich Crypto Exchange's first listed product will be the EURET, a stable coin linked to the euros. The exchange will have up to 10 billion EURET traded here. The second product will be 1 billion LWH Security Token, and every 100 Tokens are backed by one common share of LWH Consulting Group PLC. The Zurich Crypto Exchange plans to further approve the listing of more digital assets. These digital assets will include tokens backed by Listed Shares of LWH’s clients, and other stable coins and tokens.


LWH Consulting Group PLC

LWH CONSULTING GROUP PLC is a UK company that has obtained the verbal pre-approval of the Vienna Stock Exchange to list the ordinary shares on Vienna’s Third Market. LWH CONSULTING GROUP PLC ordinary shares will be providing transparent trading information and share prices. The management expects the reasonable share price of its ordinary shares to be about 110 Euros.

LWH Consulting Group PLC ("LWH PLC") is incorporating a wholly-owned subsidiary, LWH FinTech (Switzerland) AG ("LWH AG") which will operate an encrypted trading platform regulated by Switzerland - “The Zurich Crypto Exchange”. It will fully comply with the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act’s accredited Swiss Self-Regulatory Organizations (SROs) Regulatory System recognized by FINMA. It also plans to obtain full license and in operation within 30 days after its establishment.

LWH FinTech (Switzerland) AG will launch the entry process of Swiss Financial Market Regulatory Authority (FINMA) as soon as possible to obtain its own Swiss Virtual Banking License (EMI) and providing to its users Fiat Money protected by the Swiss Central Bank but centrally managed bank accounts. At that time, LWH AG will be directly supervised by FINMA.

At present, our Swiss team has a dialogue with FINMA which makes us believe that this virtual banking license can be approved within 9-12 months after the date of application. This license will enable Zurich Crypto Exchange and LWH AG to expand their business model vertically and fully integrate most of the useful infrastructure, from payment services to digital assets trading, and then to asset protection and asset management service, enabling future “EURET” investors to manage their financial and digital assets in a safe jurisdiction within a robust yet convenient platform.

Arden Wealth & Trust

Arden Wealth & Trust is a registered member to and licensed by PolyReg Allg. Selbstregulierungs – Vereina, a self-regulatory body recognised by the Swiss Federal Money Laundering Control Authority. It is established according to Article 24 of the Swiss Money laundering act (MLA) and acts as regulatory and supervising Organisation for its members. Arden’s in-house financial legal and administrational know how and decade long experiences offers clients opportunity to rely on the team as their first single point of contact to realise the most appropriate solutions – in 5 languages. Clients of Arden Wealth & Trust vary from private High Net Worth individuals, successful entrepreneurs and family offices to corporate bodies and institutional investors in Europe and from abroad.

Any electronic wallet approved by the Zurich Crypto Exchange and its digital assets will be managed by Swiss SRO regulated asset management company Arden Wealth & Trust (Switzerland) Co., Ltd. As the trading platform evolves, Zurich Crypto Exchange plans to expand its services to include proprietary payment services solutions including legal currencies, cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

PKF Littlejohn LLP

PKF International is a global network of accountancy firms. Member firms operate under the PKF brand in 440 cities and operate in 150 countries across 5 continents. PKF International is ranked the 15th largest global accounting network in 2016 according to a survey by International Accounting Bulletin. PKF Littlejohn LLP was also ranked Top Ten Auditors to Listed Businesses in UK according to 2017 Corporate Adviser Rankings Guide. PKF Littlejohn LLP is the appointed auditor for LWH Consulting Group PLC’s proposed listed clients on EU and UK recognized exchanges.

Anstey Bond LLP

Anstey Bond LLP is a full-service, London based accountancy firm which specialises in, corporate finance assignments including business valuations and IPOs. In this Consortium, Anstey Bond LLP will be the appointed business valuers for LWH Group’s clients. Their senior partner, Mr. Colin Ellis is a member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and the firm is on the Presidents Appointment Scheme Panel for Specialist Valuations and Expert Determinations. All business valuation engagements of Anstey Bond LLP are regulated by the ICAEW.

Solutions provided by the EURET


EURET is pegged to the legal tender Euro. It is a virtual currency that is kept in a foreign exchange reserve account and supported by legal tender. This method can effectively prevent the price of the cryptocurrency from fluctuating greatly. Basically, the value of a EURET is equal to 1 Euro.


Our foreign exchange reserves are regulated by many parties and are regularly audited. The EURET in circulation always matches our reserves.

Blockchain technology

EURET is based on Ethereum 2.0 technology and leverages the security and transparency it provides.


The issuance of EURET meets international compliance standards and regulations. The publishing platform “The Zurich Crypto Exchange” is a Swiss licensed exchange and when involve legal currency, the operation requires the users to complete the KYC certification.


The EURET project is the result of multi-party cooperation. In the future, it will maintain multi-party supervision (including EURET users) and increase the weak centralization of EURET.

More choices

The release of EURET will fill the gap of “stable currency anchoring the Euro”, providing new “stabilized currency” options for global digital asset holders and investors.

Payment scenario application

With the development of digital currency, we firmly believe that in the near future, digital currency will become the daily payment method for people and the mainstream payment method in international trade. Due to its "linked to the Euro" and "value stability", EURET will become the main digital currency payment method for countries in the Eurozone, from personal bill payment, mutual transfer to intercompany settlement. We believe that after the issuance of EURET, the number of merchants accepting EURET as a payment method will continue to increase.