The history of currency used by human arises from the earliest era of material exchange. From the primitive society to today, the concept of currency has evolved for thousands of years, but there are still many shortcomings, just like the establishment of the Bretton Woods system in the last century. The countries of the world hope to establish a stable international economic system to promote global economic growth and international trade development, but history has proved that this is a path full of ups and downs.

Focus on today's digital currency market, people can't help but sigh that history is always strikingly similar, and the development of things follows the law. From 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper called 《The papers of Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System》 have been distributed to more than 2,400 digital currencies in the market, with a value of 200 billion US dollars. The decentralization, anonymity and non-deformation of digital currency, the distribution of blockchains, the characteristics of the bookkeeping function, all make people begin to accept and use digital currency, and let people imagine that digital currency may be the next key point to promote global economic growth and facilitate international trade. But at present, the potential of digital assets in global liquidity, credibility, stability and convenience has not yet been fully realized. Despite the large increase in related projects, the influx of global funds, and the continuous development and application of technology, digital assets are still limited in effectiveness due to various problems.

In this white paper, we will introduce Euro Linked StableCoin (EURET) token. The "EURET" token issued by METEORITE DIGITAL LIMITED is a new digital currency approved and to be listed on the Zurich Crypto Exchange, which is fully mortgaged in a 1:1 ratio to the Euro. "EURET" is a stable value coin, based on blockchain technology and regulated by financial regulators, combining the credibility and value stability of the Euro. The issuance of "EURET" aims to provide global digital asset holders and investors with new options for "stabilized coins" to facilitate the payment and trading of individuals and companies in countries where the Euro is the legal currency and become the mainstream settlement method in international trade.