Disclaimer and Risk management of EURET


The statements in this white paper do not represent or provides warranty in regard to EURET and the tokens especially for its marketability and specific functions. Therefore, any user who takes part in the public sales program of EURET and makes purchases of EURET does so on their own understanding of EURET based on information provided in this white paper.

The EURET Group hereby rejects to recognize and accept the following responsibilities:

1. When a consumer who purchases EURET is involved in money laundering activities, financing of terrorism or participating in other illegal financial activities that violates the laws of their country of residence or operation.

2. When a EURET consumer violates any statements, obligations, warranties, pledges or other promised requirements, which results in non-payment or inability to withdraw tokens from the Zurich Crypto Exchange;

3. When for some reasons the public token sales program of the EURET is stopped.

4. When technical problems at the Zurich Crypto Exchange leads to failures in operation and performance thus causing crashes, vulnerabilities, infinite loops, rollbacks, or hard forks in Ethereum or other related source codes of blockchain technology;

5. When a platform user loses, discloses, or destroys the private key of the cryptocurrency or token;

6. The risk factors identified in this white paper along with damages, claims, debts, losses, fines, costs or other adverse effects that are associated with such risk factors.